Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Online Essay Editor!

*Do you need help writing/editing essays, research papers or other writing assignments?

*Are you applying to school or for a new job and would like assistance preparing your resume or with application essays?

*Do you need your essay proofed for grammatical errors and coherence?

If you answered 'yes', to any of the above, then I am here to help!

I am a UC Berkeley Graduate and Trained Literacy Tutor with extensive writing and editing experience. I have worked with students and professionals on a wide range of writing projects, and have written several publications.

I specialize in:
*Editing Essays, Research Papers, Resumes, Application Essays etc.

My work usually falls under two categories:

Category 1: From Scratch
Ex: A student that had an essay assignment, provided me with detailed instructions for the assignment, I brainstormed, did research, and provided student with complete original essay including thesis, introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion.

Category 2: Proofing
Ex: An applicant to a graduate program provided me with a draft and detailed instructions for an application essay, I reviewed the essay, formulized an alternative thesis, checked for grammer, coherence and reworked essay based on application requirements, competitiveness of applicant pool, type of program, the applicants background and a host of other parameters.

Regardless of which category you feel your work falls into here is my simple online process:
Step 1: Send me an email with specifications on your writing assignment either for school/work or with your draft as attachment (in MS Word, MS Works, Wordpad or as PDF) and deadline info.
Step 2: Receive email from me with quote and turnaround info
Step 3: Send me an email to let me know that you would like to continue
Step 4: Receive email from Paypal requesting payment
Step 5: Send payment thru Paypal as confirmation to start working on your project
Step 6: Receive email with completed work as attachment.

*Pricing based on length of document and turnaround time.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to get started!